Through the course of her 22 years in the wedding industry, Norma Cohen has defied convention, establishing herself as a leading businesswoman, growing parallel with the birth of the industry, both founded on small seeds that have gradually bloomed since. After graduating the Yeshivah of Flatbush high school in Brooklyn, Norma did not have a formal college experience. Instead, she took courses at FIT, specifically in fashion and window design. Those classes, coupled with her experience planning fashion shows and young adult gatherings for the Sephardic Community Center and her business experience at her father's company Haddad Apparel, a national children's wear manufacturer, planted the roots of her niche: parties.

She got off to a quick start. At first, Norma launched an event coordination operation in 1987, Party Expressions, personally designing bar mitzvahs and weddings, and virtually creating a new industry within the community. To further her continuing rise, she founded a retail shop in Brooklyn, as a novelty outlet for party supplies, balloons, gift bags, et cetera. She then met Michael, the man who she would go on to marry, later that year. With the complications and bustle that marriage brings, Norma decided it was best to close-shop.

While establishing her family as a mother of four, Joseph, Eddie, Cookie, and Lydia, Norma got re-engaged in her passion in 1991; this time, however, as a full-time executive planner. The industry had matured somewhat, but the pioneers like Norma continued to shape it. Building on her design experience, she reignited her ambition as a hobby, planning birthday bashes and kids-parties. As her talent was exposed, her popularity soared, and the ball of NCP started to roll again.

With jobs ranging from the halls of Manhattan's most storied institutions, to the airy estates of Upstate New York, to the retreats of the breezy shores of New Jersey, Norma Cohen Productions is a prominent player in the high-end event industry. Norma continues to head it, with a tight staff, while hunting for the best vendors to articulate her ideas and to ultimately partner with. She is a devout advocate of charitable work, planning and organizing events for multiple foundations every year , since she was 12.

Norma started at a time when the idea of hiring a someone to wrap all the elements of an event together was absurd. Yet with her magic, and her drive, she has shown the community and beyond that she, this five-foot-two blonde, has the key ingredient to a successful wedding.